Manufacturer of electronic measurement equipment  from Taiwan is delivering among other equipment a digital multimeter and waveform generator.


Picotest webpage multimeter M3500A   Picotest webpage Waveform Generator G5100A 


M3500A Multimeter Picotest   G5100A Waveform Generator Picotest
MODEL M3500A PICOTEST   Feature Name 50MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Display VFD Dot matrix, dual Displas 3 colors   Display Graph mode for visual verification of signal settings
System speed @60Hz 6 1/2# 59 reading/sec 1PLC   Waveform Characteristics
  5 1/2# 545 reading/sec 0,1PLC   Standard Waveform Sine, Squere, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Noise, DC
  4 1/2# 2000 reading/sec 0,02PLC   Built in arbitrary wave forms Exponential Rise and Fall, Negative ramp, Sin(x)/x, Cardiac
PLC at fast 6 1/2 1PLC   Sine  
DCV ranges accuracy 1 yr 100mV ~ 1000V 0,0035% +0,0005%   Frequency 1Hz to 50 MHz
ACV ranges 100mV ~ 750V   Amplitude Fiateness(relative to 1K) 0,1dB(<100KHz)
Accuracy (1 year) 0,06% + 0,03%     0,15dB(<5MHz)
Frequency 3Hz ~ 300kHz     0,3dB(>20MHz)
Resistance 1M$     0,5dB(<50MHz)
ADC ranges 10mA / 100mA / 1A / 3A   Harmonic distortion DC to 20 kHz -70(<1Vpp) -70(! Vpp)
Accuracy (1 year) 0,05% + 0,005%     20 kHz to 100KHz -65(<1Vpp) -60(! Vpp)
AAC ranges 1A / 3A     100 kHz to 1 MHz -50(<1Vpp) -45(! Vpp)
Accuracy (1 year) 0,1% + 0,04%     1 MHz to 20 MHz -40(<1Vpp) -35(! Vpp)
Frequency 3Hz ~ 5kHz     20 MHz to 50 MHz -35(<1Vpp) -30(! Vpp)
Resistance ranges 100$ ~ 100M$   Total harmonic distortion DC to 20 kHz 0,04%
Accuracy (1 year) 0,01% + 0,001%   Spurious (non-harmonic) DC to 1 MHz -70dBc
2W / 4W yes     20MHZ to 50MHz -70dBc +6dB/octave
Frequency 3Hz ~ 300kHz   Phase noise (10K) -115/dBC/Hz typical
Accuracy (1 year) 0,01%   Square  
Temperature RTD /TC   Frequency 1Hz to 25 MHz
Scanner card 10 channels   Rise and Fall time <10ns
Continuity yes   Overshoot <2%
Ratio function dcv # dcv yes   Variable duty cycle 20% to 80% (to10 MHz)
% Math function yes     40% to 60% (to 25 MHz)
MX+B Math function yes   Asymmetry 1% of period +5ns (@50% duty)
Digital filter yes   Jitter (RMS)  
Trigger delay 0 ~ 3600s   Ramp, Triangle  
Internal memory 2000 readings   Frequency 1Hz to 200 kHz
Interface USB/GPIB(opt)/RS232C(opt)   Linearity < 0.1% of peak output
    Symetry 0,0% ~ 100.0%
Picotest webpage multimeter M3500A   Pulse  
    Frequency 500Hz to 10 MHz
    Pulse width 20 ns min 20ns res. (perod≤10s)
    Variable edge time <10ns to 100ns
    Overshoot <2%
    Jitter (RMS)  
    Noise 20MHz typical
    Frequency 1Hz to 10 MHz
    Length 2 to 256K
    Resolution 14 bits (including sign)
    Sample Rate 125 MSa/s
    Min. Rise/Fall time 35ns typical
    Linearity <0.1% of peak output
    Setting time <250ns to 0.5% of final value
    Jitter (RMS) 6ns+30ppm
    Non-volatile memory 4 waveforms *256K Points
      Common Characteristics
    Frequency Resolution 1Hz
    Amplitude Range 10mVpp to 10 Vpp in 50Ω
      20mVpp to 20Vpp in Hi-Z
      AmplitudeAccuracy at 1kHZ 1% of setting 1mVpp
    Amplitude Units Vpp, Vrms, dBm
    Amplitude Resolution 4 digits
    DC Offset Range (peak AC+DC) 5V in 50Ω, 10V in Hi-Z
      DC Offset Accurancy 2% of offset setting 0.5% of amplitude setting
    DC Offset Resolution 4 digits
    Main Output Impendance 50Ω typical
    Main Output Isolation 42 Vpk maximum to earth
      Main Output Protection short circuit protected, overload automatically disables main output
      Internal Frequency reference Accuracy 10 ppm in 90 days, 20 ppm in 1 year
      External frequency reference Standerd
    External frequency input  
    Lock Range 10 MHz 500Hz
    Level 100mVpp ~ 5Vpp
    Impedance 1KΩ typical, AC coupled
    Lock Time <2 sec
    External frequency output  
    Lock Range 10 MHz
    Level 632mVpp (0dBm) typical
    Impedance 50Ω typical, AC coupled
    Phase Offset Range -360 to +360
    Phase Offset Resolution 0,001
    Phase Offset Accuracy 8ns
      Modulation Type AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep and Burst
    AM Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb
    AM Source Internal / External
    AM Internal Modulation Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise
    AM Frequency Internal 2mHZ to 20 KHz
    AM Depth 0,0% ~ 120.0%
    FM Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb
    FM Source Internal / External
    FM Internal Modulation Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise
    FM Frequency Internal 2mHZ to 20 KHz
    FM Deviation DC - 25 MHz
    PM Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb
    PM Source Internal / External
    PM Internal Modulation Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise
    PM Frequency Internal 2mHZ to 20 KHz
    PM Deviation 0.0 to +360
    PWM Carrier Pulse
    PWM Source Internal / External
    PWM Internal Modulation Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise
    PWM Frequency Internal 2mHZ to 20 KHz
    PWM Depth 0,0% ~ 100.0% of pulse width
    FSK Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb
    FSK Source Internal / External
    FSK Impendance 50% duty cycle Square
    FSK Frequency Internal 2mHZ to 100 KHz
    External Modulation Input  
    Voltage range 5V full scale
    Internal Modulation 5KΩ typical
    Bandwidth DC to 20KHz
    Sweep waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb
    Sweep type Linear or logarithmic
    Sweep direction up or down
    Sweep time 1ms ~ 500 sec.
    Sweep trigger Internal / External / Manual
      Sweep marker fail edge od sync signal (programable frequency)
    Burst waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise
    Burst type Internal / External
    Burst start /stop phase -360 to +360
    Burst internal period 1 ~ 500 sec
    Burst gated source External trigger
    Burst trigger source Internal / External / Manual
    Trigger input level TTL compatible
    Trigger input slope Rising or Failing (selectable)
    Trigger input pulse width > 100ns
    Trigger input impedance > 10K Ω, DC coupled
    Trigger input latency < 500 ns
    Trigger input jitter (RMS)  
    Trigger output level TTL compatible into ≤ 1kΩ
    Trigger output pulse width > 400 ns
    Trigger output impedance 50 Ω typical
    Trigger output maximum rate 1MHz
    Trigger output fanout ≤ 4 Picotest G5100As
    Pattern Mode  
    Clock maximum rate 50 MHz
    Output level TTL compatible into ≤ 2kΩ
    Output impedance 110 Ω typical
    Pattern Length 2 to 256K
    Connectivity intrface GPIB (opt.), USB, LAN
    Connectivity language SCPI - 1993, IEEE-488.2
    Connectivity software 'WavePatt' included
    Warmup time 1 hour
    Warranty 1 year

Picotest webpage Waveform Generator G5100A